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Please submit us your pitches and any finished items you have for consideration using the form below. Thank you!

Although we will give precedence to original reporting and analysis, we will also take any comments that are provided into account. Kindly be advised that our services are not offered anywhere outside of the Asia-Pacific area at this time.

The number of words that should be included in submissions to one of our blog sections should range from 400 to 800, whilst the number of words that should be included in feature articles is often between 1,200 and 1,500. It is strongly suggested that you propose your ideas to the editor first, especially for first-hand reporting.

If you are adding your essay, please be sure you send it as a Word document rather than a PDF file. Thank you! It would be very appreciated if you could just use hyperlinks to credit sources rather than utilizing footnotes or endnotes.

In your presentation, please make it abundantly obvious that you are looking for financial support, and also indicate whether or not the work in question has previously been published elsewhere. It is necessary to obtain the editor’s permission before making any form of payment.

Because we get such a large number of submissions, we will not get in touch with you until we are certain that we will be able to make use of the work you have submitted. In the unlikely event that you do not hear back from us within three business days, please do not hesitate to submit your story to other venues.

Please provide just one copy of your article or proposal in response to this request. It should not be sent out to a large number of editors all at once.

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