The Best Music Distribution Services for 2020

Over the years, how people do business has changed and even music is now consumed digitally. Therefore, labels are finding it easy to gain popularity in 2020. Independent artists are also empowered to get their albums on major streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, etc. Nonetheless, they need a music distribution company like Ditto or Record Union to get their music released to major music companies or streaming services.

In 2019, an average of 40,000 tracks was released daily via online distributors. Worldwide labels and aspiring artists can make it big, but the concern is which of the digital music Distribution Company can be your right partner.


It is a well-regarded digital music company of 2020. Members need to pay $39.99 annually for unlimited upload. Your music gets leased on more than 150 music outlets in more than 100 countries across the globe. You earn 91% royalty share from music stores, which can be easily withdrawn from your PayPal account.

Artist’s music playlist gets featured on major streaming platforms, which helps to gain more exposure and maximize your royalties. Artists who desire to create a buzz regarding their upcoming release can make the album available to premium members of Spotify for some limited time. Your next release can be promoted on Facebook and Instagram, thus allowing you to reach new listeners.


The Tunecore pricing package is different. Yearly fees are charged on per album or single basis. It means the more music you upload the more you will need to pay yearly. It adds up fast but there are some perks. Advances are offered to artists with significant streams number in the previous year. It helps the artists to fund their next releases as an independent musician.

The songwriter service program offered ensures you get your songwriter’s royalty. Tunecore cost may seem more than others but established artists may make a great income from their streaming to offset this expense.

CD Baby

CD Baby pricing is $9.99 for one song and $29 for one album. It is a great choice for artists, who plan to release a couple of songs or albums in a year. Out of your payout, 9% goes to the administration of CB Baby as commission.


Distrokid pricing is $19.99 and the artists can submit unlimited music on DistroKid for a year. Artists can keep 100% payout or royalties got from streaming services. The platform can make your music released on a major video sharing platform like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. DistroKid is a great distributor as they aim to stay on top of pop culture pulse and trend.


Spinnup places your music on major music platforms like iTunes and Spotify, before biggest labels and even new fans. The Spinnup pricing starts at 9.99 EUR per year for 1 or 2 tracks and 19.99 EUR per year for 3 to 6 tracks. For albums with 7 to 25 tracks, you will need to pay 39.99 EUR per year. With zero royalty cuts, you get better connections and promo links at your fingertips for more focus or knowledge to design your next release.