Choosing Between Learning to Drive Automatic and Manual Transmission Cars

In Australia, you can start driving under adult supervision after you turn 16. Though taking up formal driving lessons isn’t mandatory, most teens sign up for driving classes since they find it to be highly beneficial. Driving classes offered at reputable driving schools cover safe driving practices and help prepare students to handle real-life road situations.

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Should I choose automatic or manual transmission?

Almost every new driving student wonders if they should sign up for manual or automatic driving lessons. Some say that starting with manual driving lessons make it easier to move to automatic while some don’t feel the need to learn driving manual transmission vehicle since over 90% cars in Australia have automatic transmission.

There is no one right answer on which one is the best. Both have a different set of pros and cons. The answer to this depends on your circumstances and personal preference. These following questions will help you take an informed decision.

What kind of cars is available at home?

Do you have both automatic and manual transmission vehicles in your home? If you possess a manual vehicle, it would be better to sign up for driving classes on manual transmission vehicles so that you can practise driving later using your own vehicle under parent supervision. If you have access to both manual and automatic transmission vehicle, you can make any choice.

Is there a possibility for you to travel overseas?

Majority of Australian drivers choose to learn driving in automatic cars because of the majority of cars being automatic. However, there are instances when you are better off practising driving in manual transmission cars such as:

  • When travelling to other states for leisure/ work, knowledge on driving manual cars would come in handy since there are countries where majority of cars are manual transmission.
  • If you moving abroad for career purposes and hold a license for manual transmission cars, it will be easier to obtain an international license

Do you prefer ease of use or are you in for challenges?

Manual cars involve multi-tasking and using more controls. Those who drive manual cars feel that it makes them more attentive and confident. They like feeling the pressure of constantly being focused on the road and controls. Automatic ones on the other hand require little effort and involve a smoother and easier experience.

Are you eyeing on a classic old car?

If your dream is to purchase an old model performance sports vehicle or a classic car and if the car comes with manual transmission, it’s better to practice driving in manual vehicles since switching it into automatic involves more costs.

Decide which one works better for your current and future needs and choose accordingly. Enrol for driving lessons with a reputable driving school to make sure you are armed with the necessary driving skills.