Find Out Where Are Your Maternal Relatives From – Get A Mitochondrial DNA Test

Curious about where your maternal ancestors had migrated from? Well, you can now determine from where your ancestors are and find who your maternal relative is. Technology is so advanced that just by taking a test you can find information about you and your ancestor.

The mtDNA test (Mitochondrial DNA) is a test that can help you investigate your maternal line. The fathers don’t pass mtDNA to their children. Hence, this test can only give you information about your maternal line.

Where to get it tested?

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The mtDNA:

Wondering what is mtDNA? It is directly passed from the mother to the child and it helps to identify your maternal relatives as they also have the same lineage. The same mtDNA is passed on for at least ten generations.

You might now be able to interpret from the mtDNA definition that why is mitochondrial DNA testing is done. It is a part of genetic ancestry testing which also includes the Y chromosome testing and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) testing. The differences between the three are as follows:

  • Y chromosome testing: It is passed from the father to the son. Here you can identify the male line. This type of testing can be done only in males as Y chromosomes are passed on to the males only.
  • mtDNA testing or female lineage testing: It is passed on by the mother to her children. Regardless of being male or female, you can take this test to find your ancestor’s and relative’s information. It tells you where your maternal ancestors are from.
  • SNP testing: In this type, the results are compared with other people’s tests to find out the person’s ethnic background and the percentage of ancestry. It does not restrict to a particular line.

Your mtDNA also has a haplogroup which best describes mitochondrial DNA mtDNA. With this, you can find who traveled with your ancestors when they migrated to different parts of the world. They can help us know where our ancestors traveled to.

Can we find out the country where our maternal relatives are?

Female lineage testing cannot identify the country where your ancestors belonged to. It can only help you find your haplogroup or other ancient information. You cannot learn about recent origins. You can, however, find more information on your common ancestor’s origin.

The number of matches:

If many people share the same signature, it indicates that your lineage has survived well. It is also possible that you have only a few matches or no match, which only means others have not been tested yet.