Basic Information That You Must Know About Roof Replacement

For all homes, roof is one of the most important part, especially if you are living in a country like Australia, where every home owner has to replace his house roof at least once in his lifetime.

Roof replacement project can be as important as the kitchen and bathroom remodelling or attic replacement projects etc. One should not take roof replacement very lightly, and in case if your roof needs repair then you should also not delay it for too long.

Whenever you notice that your roof’s life is coming to its end then try to know these basics about roof replacement before taking up this roof replacement project.

In order to replace your roof, you need to take help from any professional company like City2Surf Roofing at Sydney, who are very experienced company in Australia for taking up such roof replacement activities.

What are basic roofing materials?

Based on the local conditions where you are living, you need to choose right material for your roof replacement. Following are few common choices for roof material.

  • Asphalt composition shingles

One of the most inexpensive and easily available roofing materials, but usually they are not an attractive option.

  • Wooden shakes or shingles

Such material can be bit expensive and looks attractive too. However, where there is any chance of fire occurrence, this will not be a suitable choice.

  • Metal roofing

Usually, steel and aluminium materials are used and nowadays it is becoming a popular option too. They can be fireproof and durable too. Metal roofing   can be expensive and you will need experienced contractors.

  • Slate roofing

Slate roofing can be very attractive and durable too. But they can be very expensive and needs an experienced contractor.

  • Composition slate

They closely look like slate however made out of 95% recycled materials. They are lighter material and can get damaged easily too.

  • Clay/ceramic tile

Those so-called Spanish-style with red tile roofs are still common however they are gradually getting replaced by metal or composite materials which mimic that Spanish tile look.

Few other roofing materials can be ceramic tiles having fire retardant ability and also quite light material for roof.

Roofing process

Any moderately-sized roofs, where professional roofing job is done then it may take about 3 to 4 days. Overall process that will be followed by all the roofing crew will go as follows:

  1. Getting all existing shingles removed and depositing them in roll-off dumpster
  2. Doing minor repairs if it is found in good condition
  3. Installing ice-dam protection
  4. Laying down all asphalt roofing papers over roof sheathing
  5. Around the roof edge, applying metal-drip edging on both eave and gable sides
  6. Wherever necessary, applying new-valley flashing on those areas where 2 roof planes meet
  7. Applying tab shingles, starting from the eaves, then working upward near the peak
  8. Applying flashing all around the areas where there is the possibility of leak in the house like against the chimney, around stack vents and skylights etc.
  9. Installing ridge vent
  10. Completing final cleaning up and hauling all the debris away