What to Look for in a Car Dealership in Baton Rouge

Having a new car can be a lot of fun, but many car buyers find the process of going to the car dealership in Baton Rouge in order to buy or lease the new vehicle to be less than enjoyable. How can you get the vehicle you really want, without spending the entire day in a place you’d rather not be? And more importantly, how can you know for sure you’re getting a great deal and going to love the car, SUV, or truck you eventually purchase? It’s not impossible! Just follow these tips:

#1 There’s a lot that can be done online! Head to their website and pick out a car from a dealership’s online inventory. Then, send some emails or make a phone call to work out a price. You may even be able to do some of the paperwork before you go to the dealership itself. In many cases, you can be in and out of a dealership in an hour or so if you started the deal-making process online. Why spend your money with a dealership who doesn’t make this kind of convenience possible?

#2 Test drives are still an important part of car buying. Not everything can be done thanks to the internet, and the test drive is one of them. Take the vehicle you like on a lengthy test drive and pay attention to how it sounds, feels, looks, and drives. Bring along the people and stuff who will regularly ride in the car with you, if possible. It’s better to learn that your teenage son’s football equipment doesn’t fit in the rear cargo area before you buy the SUV, not after. What you’re looking for is a dealership who doesn’t rush this very important part of the process.

#3 Look for online reviews. Check the internet for reviews of any dealership you are interested in. You should be able to find reviews posted on the website of the dealership itself, as well as on third-party sites like Yelp and Google My Business. You will find both positive and negative reviews, but don’t be put off by the presence of a few negative reviews. No dealership is perfect, but reviews can give you a sense of what other people have experienced. Is there just one review who says they didn’t have a good experience or do many people say they were taken advantage of? That’s a big difference!

#4 Pay attention to their business philosophy. While on the dealership’s website looking at financing options and inventory, it’s a good idea to also look around for their business philosophy. You’ll usually find information about how the dealership is run somewhere on the site, like an “About Us” page. You want to find dealerships that place emphasis on not just customer service, but also honesty, being family owned and operated, community involvement, and forming good relationships with their customers. This is a good sign because it means the business sees itself as part of the community and cares about the people who live in the area.

If you remember these four tips, you’ll find a great dealership and love your new vehicle!