Maldives Travel Tips To Ensure Enjoyable And Pleasurable Experience

The Maldives is rightly called the ‘Paradise on Earth’. Maldives vacation includes unrivaled luxury above sea level, a heavenly underwater world, and adrenaline-rushing water sport activities. The Maldives can even be called a honeymoon island because the setting is not only beautiful but tranquil and serene when compared to the bustling, busy cities.

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Maldives travel tips


Dress modestly on inhabited islands

It is the local custom that women must cover their legs and shoulders, while men must wear long pants instead of shorts. Topless bathing suits and bikinis are strictly banned outside non-resort islands. The resorts have tourist-friendly rules, where you are free to wear a swimsuit.

Remove shoes before entering a mosque or home

It is necessary to enter barefoot in a mosque. Even in residential areas remove shoes outside as a sign of courtesy. If you are confused then look around and see what the locals do before they enter a home and follow or take their friendly advice.

Choose souvenirs carefully

The local crafts are designed from turtle shells or coral. You can purchase them on the islands but exporting is illegal. Therefore choose souvenirs that you can carry back home or at the airport, you will be asked to leave them.

Bring lots of sunscreens

Maldives experiences abundant sunlight as it is on the equator the sunlight received is at 90°C. Therefore the risk of UV damage on the skin surface increases. Therefore bring plenty of strong sunscreen on your Maldives trip.


Never expect speedy or free Wi-Fi

As the Maldives lies remotely, it has limited network connectivity. Never expect speedy and free internet services. If you are planning to carry your work on the vacation trip then be ready to encounter WiFi problems.

Never involve in PDA [Public Display of Affection] on populated islands

PDA on populated islands like Malte City is very offensive for LGTBQ and straight couples. It can trigger punitive action. Being an Islamic nation, strict rules are observed and it includes keeping your hands on your sides, especially in public. When outside the resort even honeymooners must avoid holding hands or kissing in public.

Never carry banned things

Pack proper things for the Maldives tour. Arms, ammunition, guns, drugs, and nuclear weapons are banned just like any other nation. Extra things prohibited include alcohol, dogs, religious materials to distribute, and pork because It is an Islamic nation.

COVID-19 travel precautions for tourists

To make the stay pleasurable in the Maldives it is wise to adhere to the COVID-19 rules.

  • Before you board the flight ensure to have a PCR test 3 days early. The report must not be more than 72 hours old on departure day.
  • If tourists entering the Maldives are by chance tested positive then HPA measures need to be followed and they are restricted to enter the inner-island.
  • 24 hours before Maldives travel, submit a self-declaration form via Maldives Immigration online site.

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