Early Signs of Speech Disorders on Children That You Should Not Ignore

Early signs of speech disorders will be noticed in children in many ways. Parents should understand the difficulties that their children are facing, and can take necessary steps to help them successfully. Many speech therapy facilities are introduced to help children facing such difficulties with the help of some therapeutic sessions.

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Signs of Speech Disorder in Children 

Here are some of the signs that indicate that there is an issue related to speech in your child.

  • Stuttering 

Stuttering is an early sign of speech problem in children. It is a condition where children will repeat the same word before completing any sentence. The prolonged stuttering problem might make the child stop talking altogether, if not cured in the early stages.

  • Apraxia 

Apraxia is a condition where a child will find it difficult to follow the movements or even make some movements while speaking. This can be because of the problem in the coordination between brain and body movement.

  • Inconsistent Quality of Voice 

Speech disorders need not be focused only on consonants and vowels. Some children might find it difficult to control their volume while speaking and end up speaking in a hoarse voice. This condition even includes trouble with emphasizing a word or a syllable.

  • Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders 

The abnormal movement of the mouth and face are the main problem in case of orofacial myofunctional disorders. This condition is caused because of abnormal development in the facial bones and muscles.

  • Problem to Interact with the Other Children 

Prolonged issues related to speech might make a child isolate itself from the world, and also not mingle with the other children while playing. Such children will also not like to interact with anyone including children of their age.

  • Articulation Disorder 

Articulation disorder indicates that the child is having difficulty sounding any sound as it is. For instance, your child may have to pronounce “s” like “th”. If you notice such issues in your child, then understand that your child might require the attention of a speech therapist, rather than neglecting it thinking that it is just toddler talk.

  • Lack of Babbling 

Babbling is the first sign of your child trying to say the words. It will start at the age of four to seven months. Even though it sounds like nonsense, it is the indication that your child is learning some words, and also is trying to say them.

  • Receptive Disorders 

The trouble in processing and also understanding what the other person is trying to say to them is known as a receptive disorder. The prolonged autism issue can result in receptive disorder.

Children will show early signs of speech disorders. If you notice any such issues in your child, then remember that it is time to take them to a speech therapist.