The amazing features of a resin-bound gravel

The resin bound gravel DIY is continuously been used by many homes and offices to achieve a durable and visually stunning driveway finish. This driveway paving product used to be a widely used option in commercial buildings. However, it has now been adopted for home use for many reasons. This is because of the amazing features ok f the driveway paving surfacing material.

Features of the resin bound gravel

Low maintenance and durability

Resins are usually produced with some of the most recent polymer technology. The technology can be used to produce bonds that have more resilience which means that the resin bond will have increased strength and be able to withstand any load and abrasive force to last for a long time. Also, you can make it last longer through proper maintenance. The car driveway needs just low maintenance to be able to deliver long-term durability.

It is a versatile paving material

The team bound gravel comes with a versatility that no other paving material has. This means that the product can be used in various ways to create an aesthetic driveway for the home. The product can be mixed with various materials to produce various types of effects. You can mix it with bricks or stones to form a lot of shapes.

It comes with excellent drainage properties

Resin bound gravel is known for its excellent drainage features. The rain comes with a unique engineered technology that makes it possible for water to seep through it. This means that once finished, you will never get any pools of water on its surface. This feature helps keep your driveway safe in the winter season as water is stopped from freezing over.

A wide collection of colours

The resin bound gravel is offered in various colours, this means that the customer has a wide variety of colours to choose from. With this wide range of colours, you can easily match the gravel to the existing designs of your home.

Resin surface can be supported by existing groundworks

One reason people love to use resin bound gravel as a DIY job for their driveways is that it can be supported by any existing groundworks. Whether old tarmac or concrete, the resin bound gravel can be overlaid on top of the existing groundworks. However, for this to be achieved, you have to make sure that the tarmac or concrete is in a good condition. If it is, then you already have a strong base to lay your resin bound paving. This significantly reduces the total cost of installation of the resin surface.

The coarse surface produces the perfect traction for cars and humans

The resin bound gravel is the best product to be used for slopes and inclined driveways. The product comes with special anti-slip properties that prevent people from slipping and falling when they miss their foot steps. The rough surface of the driveway is also used to deliver a road that comes with a rough surface to deliver a rough surface with traction and anti-slip properties.

Sole installation

The resin bound gravel DIY project is a very simple and basic process. This means that it can be done by the average DIYer. Anybody with the right amount if expertise can be able to install their response sin driveways all by themselves.