Service And Repair For Evaporative AC

With the price of electricity going up, evaporative air conditioning can be a cheap way to stay cool in the summer. For evaporative cooling, hot, dry air from outside is pumped through wet cooling pads. This is a natural way to cool a room. As the air moves over the cooling pads, the heat is taken in and the water evaporates. This pushes cool air into the building.

Evaporative Versus Refrigerated

Evaporative air conditioners use less energy than traditional ones. Also, they put out more carbon dioxide into the air. Evaporative air conditioners are better for the environment and cost less to run, saving you money. Evaporative coolers also make your home healthier because they keep the air clean.

Evaporative air conditioners don’t recycle air in your home, so you need to open a door or window to let the air out. This makes sure that your home has a steady flow of fresh air all day long. People with allergies or asthma can get irritated by dry air. Evaporative air conditioners are often helpful because they add moisture to the air.


One more good thing about evaporative air conditioners is that they are cheap to run. Most of the time, these units cost less to maintain than refrigerated air conditioners. They are also less expensive to buy at first. If your climate and lifestyle are right for it, an evaporative cooler can be a cheaper alternative to a traditional air conditioner.

Climates Where Evaporative Cooling Works Well

Not everyone is a good fit for evaporative air conditioners. It can depend on where you live and the weather. Evaporative air conditioners work well in dry climates, but they are not the best choice for tropical climates and some sub-tropical areas. In general, evaporative coolers work well for people who live along the southern coast or in most of inland Australia.

Maintenance And Service

Evaporative systems need to be serviced regularly by a qualified technician, just like other types of air conditioners. This will make sure that your air conditioner keeps working well and stays cheap to run for as long as possible. Evaporative air conditioners not only cost less to run, but they also cost less to service and keep up.

If you have your evaporative air conditioner serviced regularly, you can take advantage of preventive maintenance. Technicians are very skilled and know how to do all kinds of maintenance and repairs. This means that they check all the parts for wear and tear and see if anything needs to be replaced. Even a part that seems small can cause big problems if it breaks. This is one of the most common reasons for a system to break down, and if your system breaks down in the summer, you could really feel the heat.

Regular maintenance can cut down on the chance of a breakdown and help stop electrical problems that could become dangerous. If qualified technicians do maintenance on your evaporative system, it will continue to work safely.

Important things to take into consideration when choosing an air cooler vs air conditioner. Generally speaking, an air cooler is better suited for smaller rooms or spaces where you want to keep the temperature low, while an air conditioner can be more effective in larger rooms and spaces where you want to keep the temperature high.