Short Informative Guide about Matters to Expect after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is usually suggested for individuals, who are unable to shed their body weight by any other means.  It is a bariatric process known as Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in medical terms. The process helps to reduce the size of the stomach and your weight loss session starts.

Many people have wrongfully thought that after having gastric sleeve surgery there won’t be any other weight loss procedures to be followed as you have achieved your goal to remain fit and having well shaped figure. However, surgeons and fitness trainers say that following after care of the surgery process righty is an important step to gain good desired results.

Here are few steps that you need to consider after having gastric sleeve surgery done:

  • You are to stay overnight or couple of days after the surgery. It is for reducing any discomfort feeling like stomach soreness. There may be negligible chances of infection that may need immediate medical attention.
  • If you are ready to go home, the medical staff will provide you complete diet chart. There will be few instructions needed to be strictly followed to reduce the chances of any post surgery complications. It will be advisable to make them explain clearly for you not to misunderstand the writhen or instructed matter.
  • It will always be helpful to have some known person assist you for a few days. You can even enquire hired help for assistance until you regain strength to do regular activities.

gastric sleeve surgery recovery time

  • Start your diet plan. You need to eat liquid diet for first few weeks. This will help your inner organs to heal properly.
  • If you feel fit enough and your stomach feels good, then you can start eating semi liquid boiled food. This is because your stomach needs time to back on digesting heavy food. Moreover, there are chances of you vomiting or feel nauseated. Sometimes, you may even experience pain in stomach, thus forget to overeat.
  • Normally skilled dieticians advise to eat food amounting to 400 calories a day. It may seem to be impossible initially however you won’t feel hungry pangs because of surgery.
  • Take few weeks rest before resuming your daily activities. You need to regain your lost energy otherwise tiredness, irritation and mood swings will spoil your lively life. Moreover, you may realize other health discomfort, thus it is best to rest for few weeks at home. However, you can start walking after a day of surgery to safeguard against severe vein thrombosis.
  • It will be best to say adieu to oil, fatty, creamy and sweet food for a while. You need to eat low calorie food full of nutrients. Your staple food should contain larger proportions of protein, iron, vitamins, fiber and calcium.
  • Don’t forget to do daily exercises to keep your body physically fit and your muscles toned.
  • Don’t be mentally stressed and sleep adequately to avoid regaining of weight.

The gastric sleeve surgery recovery time may be lengthy, so you need to be careful and try to follow the instructions of dieticians and your surgeon. You can have the surgery done by well acclaimed surgeons of BMI of Texas.  You will never regret your decision as it will help you achieve your goal of losing surplus body weight.