Various Ways To Give A New Touch To Your Tennis Court Lighting

Tennis is a popular game that is widely watched in different parts of the world. Installation of specially configured lighting arrangements on a tennis court ensures a safe and enjoyable playing experience. If you are thinking of renovating lights of your tennis court then here are a few tips that will help you. 

Examine the fixtures

To renovate your existing lighting, you need to start by evaluating the condition of your existing lighting fixture. Find out if there are any dark spots present on the court. Also, check about the glare and how the ball gets adequately illuminated while moving from one area of the playground to another. 

Check whether or not your lighting fixtures results in blinding at the time of serving or returning a lob. Mark circles wherever you note any spots on the tennis court. This will indicate that these are the locations that have got problems. LED Light Expert has several years of experience in designing tennis court lights. They have specialization to renovate simple backyards lighting and pro tennis center lighting. 

Assess the lighting system of the tennis court

For different levels of tennis play, you would need different types of lighting systems. Low wattage LED bulbs are found to be effective at achieving a higher level of lighting. Keep in mind that the ideal court requires a lighting system that offers even distribution of light among several areas on the tennis court.  

Design a new lighting scheme

Now the next step is to design a new lighting system for the court. A vast number of residential tennis court prefers low-mast lighting. This is an ideal option that gives a continuous supply of light across the entire court. It lowers glare and also prevents light from reaching very far from the court. 

Manufacturers of lighting fixtures make use of forwarding throw light bulbs and fixtures that uniformly spreads light and also lowers glare. It is important to ensure that the new design can project the light around seven feet beyond the external lines of the tennis court.

Install the new lighting scheme

To accept high-density bulbs, you would need to install the newly designed lighting fixture on the court. These high-density bulbs have the ability to offer you even light. They are designed to be more durable. A wide range of tennis courts uses forward throw lighting system that reduces glare. 

Test the new lighting system

Once you have installed the new lighting system on the court, you now need to check whether it is working as intended or not. Test it properly to identify any problem associated with the old scheme. If you find any issue, then take note of them and implement measures to solve them. 


Your tennis court requires a proper lighting system to help you make your tennis playing/watching experience all the more wonderful. Get in touch with the leading sports lighting fixtures and lighting manufacturers to ensure the best level of lighting renovation on the tennis court.