Valuable Information About Bubblers for Easy Buying Decision

Bubblers and bongs are both water pipes, but their design is different. Bubbler pipes offer comfort and size of hand pipes and smooth smoking experience of glass bongs. They offer a great way of smoking herbs and cost a little more than the top line of hand pipes. 

Bubblers stand 6” tall with a 3” wide base. They are made of glass and silicone. The design is simple and has diffusion without any kind of percolation. However, there are a few high-end bubblers available in the head shop that has percolator and diffused down stems. The pipes are long with a curved mouthpiece attached to a water chamber at the base. Many bubblers have rush holes, which allows them to control the airflow while smoking. 

To smoke a bubbler –

  • Fill it with water
  • Pack the bowl
  • Light it
  • Inhale
  • Enjoy a hit

It is just like a smoking hand pipe with water added in the chamber under the bowl, which makes the smoking experience smoother. 

Different types of bubblers

Bubblers have evolved in forms and shapes. Every design offers a unique smoking experience.

  • Glass bubblers – These are available in plenty of sizes and shapes, easy to clean, and durable.
  • Silicone bubblers – You can carry it anywhere without any concerns about breaking it, washable, and available in cool colors.
  • Hammer bubblers – Hammer shaped bubblers are designed from thickest glass so easy to travel with, durable, simple to clean with dishwasher, and reasonably priced. 
  • Sidecar bubblers – The main body includes a water chamber, rush-hole, and bowl. The mouthpiece and neck are mounted on the main body’s side. The design prevents splashback and allows the smoke to cool.
  • Double bubblers – There are two water chambers and it looks like a camel’s back. 
  • Sherlock bubblers – It got the name from Sherlock Holmes long and curved wooden pipes. These bubblers are delicate and need care while smoking and cleaning.
  • Percolator bubblers – It offers the smoothest experience of all kinds because percolators allow filtering and cooling the smoke.
  • Mini bubblers – A smaller version that needs a little skill in using. 

Whatever type of bubbler you wish to buy has it all. You get high-quality brands to choose from. 

What to consider while buying a quality bubbler?

Solid glass thickness

Look for borosilicate glass because it is more crack-resistant to sudden temperature changes and durable.

Sturdy base

The shape of the bubblers is strange so many times the top is heavy. At times, this can cause falling over and spilling. Find a unit with a thick sturdy wide base, which maintains balance and sits properly.

No intricate parts

Some bubblers have tiny parts situated inside the water chamber. Avoid such bubblers because while cleaning the water chamber these delicate parts can break easily. 

How to make the most of your bubbler?

  • Due to its design, bubblers can clog easily, so clean it often.
  • Use pipe screens to keep bubblers cleaner.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes like using hot water to clean or leaving them outdoors overnight. 

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