Remarkable Ways Churches Can Use Customized Eco-friendly Reusable Tote Bags

Eco-friendly, reusable canvas tote bags are outstanding items that every church can employ in different ways. There are remarkable opportunities presented to churches using reusable tote bags. They can become part of their daily ministry.

The reasons to offer reusable tote bags are myriad like turn into a zero-waste missionary or build solidarity among members, it doesn’t matter! You can buy reusable tote bags in any shape, size, and style from the online Custom Grocery Bags Store. Buy in bulk and you will get an appealing discount or you can choose the yearly lock-in-price package without any concern about the rising prices.

Materials to choose include –

  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Jute
  • Polyester
  • Non-woven
  • Nylon

You will come across a wide variety of styles and designs. Besides, have the totes customized with your church event logo or message imprinted on the bags. Tote bags are practical and never go out of trend, so you can order in bulk and use it for events as well as raise awareness associated with the church activities and adventure.

Remarkable ways churches can use reusable canvas bags

Commemorate the mission trips

In an active and developing church, mission trips are crucial. A word about God and what role the great almighty plays a role in everyone’s life gets shared among these who possibly may have ignored it before.

Mission trips allow incredible bonding and divine experience for the attendees and the participants, alike. A reusable bag gets appreciated and memorized by the participants.

Welcome new congregation members

A perfect way to make new members feel welcome in your congregation is to offer a branded tote bag. They feel belonged to the church family. The reusable bag even reflects your congregation’s desire to protect mother earth at the same, besides giving a warm welcome to the new member.

Use as fundraisers

Reusable or eco-friendly totes or backpacks can help you raise funds for any kind of reason. The reason can be anything like church renovation, new bus for the church, mission trips, church improvements, new hymnals, etc. Funds can be raised in different ways like –

  • Including goodies in the tote bags and selling.
  • Selling the customized tote bags.
  • Filling the tote with stuff for a raffle.

Be creative in how to use the tote bag for fundraising.

Inspire the young kids

Offer Sunday school bags to the school students, so they feel inspired to return on Sunday carrying their bibles and booklets.

Offer participants of Women’s retreat gift bags

Women’s retreats include a lot of assortment ranging from prayer guides and notebooks to refrigerator magnets and journaling pens. There are countless gifts they need to carry home. Each woman will genuinely appreciate a reusable canvas or cotton tote inscribed with the theme of their retreat to help them carry their goodies home.

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