Attractive Colors to Consider for Printed Booklets

There are endless reasons why you may be thinking about staples booklet printing. Maybe you’re planning a big event or you’re in the middle of overhauling your company’s marketing materials. Whatever your motivation for custom booklet printing, it certainly helps to think carefully about your overall design. You want to make your printing job worth it by creating sophisticated, stylish booklets that capture attention for all the right reasons. It starts with color, so here are a few suggestions to help you decide on the color scheme for your booklets.


Not only is blue a gorgeous color and the favorite hue for many, but it’s also a warm and welcoming color that could do your company a world of good. Anyone who likes blue will be intrigued by your booklet and eager to flip through it and hopefully learn a lot more about your business. In addition, blue is seen as a trustworthy color, which is definitely something to use to your benefit as you reach out to new people.


A glimpse of green on marketing materials may grab the attention of potential customers. Green is a gorgeous color that’s associated with nature and the environment, so think about how that ties in with your business and your overall mission. Green speaks of goodwill and it also reminds people of money. If you want to spread messages about wealth and budgeting wisely, then green should be one of your go-to colors.


Anyone who takes a glance at something orange will be interested in what you have to offer. Orange is a vibrant, eye-catching color that speaks of modern energy. Orange feels new and fresh, something people will appreciate as they browse through your booklets and gather more details on the goods and services your business has to offer. When you want to make your business seem cutting-edge and at the top of its class, then orange will do you a whole world of good.


If you’re feeling bold, try adding some black elements to your business booklet design. Black is unmistakable and makes people feel excited and drawn to a bit of drama. Black also adds contrast when used with many other colors, so start thinking creatively and consider how well dark and light colors can work together on your beautiful booklet design. Once you see the finished results with your custom staples booklet printing, you will be so glad you chose black as one of your design colors.