Finding the Right Equipment for Remote Visual Inspection of Your Application

Often during renting any remote visual inspection, your rental agent may supply you a wrong type of equipment, which can happen more commonly than you might think. Each field has its own different challenges and considerations based on the application.

Usually, such equipment uses push camera of Wohler who is well known supplier of such camera needed for remote visual inspection systems.

Following are 3 most common problems, which may result from not renting from any experienced rental agent:

  1. You may end up with more labor intensive or time consuming method of inspection. You may have to struggle with certain borescope that maybe too long or of wrong diameter and you have to spend more time.
  2. There can be many repairs needed if probe is too long, not suitable for your application can be just a nuisance and increase your repair bill. Your wrong equipment for remote visual inspection can easily get damaged.
  3. There can be poor inspection results.

Therefore, following are few questions that you need to answer before renting any borescope.

  1. Diameter

For a successful inspection, diameter of borescope can be very critical. A borescope must fit into the passageway without getting trapped.

  1. Length

Borescope must be sufficiently long enough so that it can reach the area, which needs to be properly viewed. However, in case your probe is much too long then it may be a problem.

  1. Distance between tip to target

What distance that tip of probe will be from the area, which is under inspection is a very important consideration. A borescope will typically have few selection of optics available that may yield good images only from few mm to several inches.

  1. Direction of view

Few applications may need an offset view direction and not straight ahead. For such applications, it will be important that correct side-view tip-adapter or probe be selected.

  1. Waterproof

Most borescopes will have certain waterproof rating for prescribed depth. So, before renting you must verify that borescope you want to use is also rated for underwater usage. 

  1. Geometry

For appropriate visual inspection to be done remotely, the geometry of inspection also must be considered.

  1. Portability

For proper selection of borescope, the environment where it will be used is also important. An inspection which is needed at work bench will not have same requirements for inspection to be done on top of wind turbine.

  1. AC/DC power

Few borescope inspections also need DC battery when AC supply is not available. Before asking for the inspection equipment this thing need to be clarified.

  1. Recording media

Usually, most remote equipment for visual inspection is having storage facility for capturing still images and also video, however still you must ensure that your rented equipment has sufficient storage for you.

  1. Whether tip articulation needed?

Most borescopes will offer articulating ability for probe tip and others features. However, these instruments can be far more expensive. If it is used incorrectly, then articulation mechanisms can get damaged, that may need expensive repairs.

By having partnership with an expert in this field of such remote visual inspection, certainly you can save money and time while experiencing much better inspection results.