When It Is Appropriate to Use Alcohol as A Gift

It may be little difficult to find any definitive guide for gifting alcohol particularly when you have to figure out when it will be appropriate to offer alcohol as gift.

What you must look for while gifting alcohol and how to offer it while presenting to someone, you cannot find any guide. However, humans have been offering booze as gift for more than hundred years, but still we have not perfected it.

Thanks to few failed moral-turned-legal experiments of prohibition, alcohol will be most regulated product in few countries’s history. Based on where you actually live, its sale can also be prohibited in few places, on certain days, or during certain times.

When it really comes to offering alcohol hampers, no doubt it is undoubtedly personal preferences of the receipting person. Following are few general tips to navigate the trickiest gift-giving situations that you are likely to encounter.

  • Birthday parties

Suppose it is your birthday, then what gift will mean most to you? Perhaps, the ones where the giver has put plenty of thoughts into them, so consider the same golden rule while gifting alcohol to someone’s birthday party.

If the person likes a particular brand, wine, or style of beer, try to look for something interesting, new versions of his favourites.

  • Gift to boss

While gifting your boss for celebrating certain personal occasion and also for your own impression managing, the thumb rule is:

  • Stay classy
  • Offer something which is not cheap
  • It should meet his preference

You must remember that your gift is reflection on you. It will be a bonus in case the booze lasts beyond a day after opening, and he can enjoy it while thinking what a thoughtful employee you are.

  • Housewarming party

The important things to remember here while gifting alcohol at such party are:

  • Gift is only for the hosts and not for other guests
  • Wine or beers are perfect choice for such scenarios.


  • Wedding anniversary party

Few significant milestones days in people’s lives can be worth celebrating and the gift you offer should also reflect that specialness.

Vintage wine is considered as golden standard. Even fortified wine too will work. Try to find any vintage that perfectly matches with the celebration like wedding date.

Research before gifting

Finally, you discovered that your boss is fond of whisky. So, for your boss whisky can be a good gift! But that is not enough. There are much more than just whisky as they are not of single type.

Whether your bosses like blended Scotch or single malt whisky? Whether he enjoys gentler tones or peaty flavours? Know little more about various whisky terms. Also, select right bottle for right person, then your gift will certainly stand out against others.

Gift that is something personal

Before buying alcohol, you must consider their personal choice. Try and also recollect which drink usually your boss order at bar or during get togethers. Whether he prefers whisky neat or he pick a martini?

All such knowledge can really help you to get for the receipting person a thoughtful gift.