Deep Insight How Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world. It has also made revenue of more than $4 billion this year from ad clicks. Many marketers tried posting ads on Facebook, but it didn’t work for them. You can find great marketing opportunities, which will never change. Investing in the Facebook ad is worth it.

Small business owners are tasked with their core development activities. Rather than spending time learning marketing skills, it is sensible to hire a professional Facebook advertising agency. The specialists at Australian Internet Advertising agency are agile to changes the original strategy as soon as they get aware of the frequent tweaks Facebook makes towards best practices.

How does Facebook advertising work?

Targeting feature

Facebook offers unique targeting features. You can target your ads based on –

  • Location
  • Demographic
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Languages
  • Workplaces
  • Connections
  • Education
  • Relationship status

Every option is valuable. It depends on the kind of audience. Many marketers need to concentrate on age, location, interests, and gender. Interest target has a great potential, but businesses misuse this. When creating ads you get two options.

  • Broad category targeting – Topics like horror movies, gardening, consumer electronics, expecting parents, birthday in a week, engaged, and away from hometown. It allows reaching a large audience, but in comparison to the ad costs, users spend less.
  • Precise interest targeting – Based on profile information from Facebook or apps they like, or listed interests & likes, you can target users. Precise targeting efforts get rewarded with the best ROI.

Marketers make mistakes in targeting the largest group, which are costly and less targeted.

How to choose ad images?

Your image has to catch the eyes of your audience otherwise the brilliant photo you have is useless. Never use poor image quality or generic stock photography or stock graphics. Unless your brand is famous avoid using your logo. You can purchase pages or create them or use graphics with a common license.

Images that work best

  • Close-up attractive faces of people resembling the target audience. Use people images facing right because viewers follow the line of subjects sight. Thus, the probability of reading your ad text increases.
  • Clear readable typography with bright colors also attracts attention.
  • Funny and quirky images attract clicks, but these ads don’t convert well all the time. For this ad set a low budget as well as closely monitor their performance. Lots of clicks can be due to curiosity!

Rotating ads

Every campaign needs to have a minimum of 3 ads with the same target interests. Small ad numbers allow collecting information on each one. You can delete ads with low CTR [click-through-rates]

Tips to write Facebook ad copy

Besides the 25 character headline along with body text limit of 90 characters, use the formula AIDA –

  • Attention – Attention-grabbing headline
  • Interest – Describe the major benefit of using your brand
  • Desire – With the discount, limited offer, or free trial create instant desire
  • Action – Ultimately add call-to-action

Facebook ad bidding

In the start, set bid near low-end range. With high CTR, your suggested bid price will decrease, and vice versa. Therefore ad and target optimization are critical to consistently increase your CTR.

Ensure to have a targeted landing page that converts. Keep track of your Facebook ad performance and make adjustments, if necessary. Facebook ad is a great promotional strategy for your business.