How To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest posts are a great SEO strategy that helps in link building with you writing and publishing for someone else’s blog that is relevant to your content kind. Bloggers or website creators are always in need of good content that the readers will read with interest.

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Guest blogging opportunities

It is difficult to stand out amongst the tons of bloggers that have the same basic content and writes about the same topic. Therefore, you require high-quality blog content that is different from other’s writing. Hence guest blogging can help produce fresh content for your site.

It is often difficult to find good blog pages that accept guest blogging because they are satisfied with their self-writing. Even if some blogs do accept, they might not be worth your content. Thus, you must find a worthwhile opportunity for guest blogging. Sometimes, basic industry connections or friends with blogs might not help you outshine.

Tips to find guest blogging opportunities

  • Google search operators

Most websites offering guest posting has guidelines that guest bloggers are to follow. So use advanced Google search keywords to look out for opportunities. They may include ‘guest post’, ‘become a guest writer’, ‘guest blogger wanted’, etc.

  • Type of guest posts

Do your research on the type of guest posts that the site publishes and whether it fits your writing style or content. You can take help from their social media handles and Google searches to get hold of some prolific guest blogs they have covered.

  • Check on your competitor’s backlinks

Check the recent guest posts done by your fellow guest bloggers. The website that accepted their post is likely to accept blogs from you too. It is a method that presents your opportunity on a silver plate.

  • Social media searches

You can use social media to check if your competitors have been engaged with any guest posts. You can use the Google search keyword on social media searches as well.

  • Target guest post sites

Advertise the guest post websites and promote yourself to those sites in a way that can help them attract more readers for their site.

  • Buying backlist

Some of the guest post sites only accept your content if you pay for it. It goes against Google guidelines but you can avoid getting penalized if you pay for high quality and trusted source.

  • Associate with the community for guest bloggers

You can join and interact on online communities with guest writers who share guest post lists and acceptable content. These communities are held on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.


Many content writers are seeking opportunities for guest posts. Therefore, you are in for a tough competition. Try to use all the resources and tools to stand out amongst the crowd of writers capable of writing on the same topic as you.