What Is A Standing Desk and Benefits of Its Usage?

Standing desks are trending nowadays, but the original concept is nothing new. Some celebrated figures like Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Jefferson already found standing desks productive. The point is why it is gaining on popularity again. There are plenty of reasons for that. Let’s discuss them one by one.

What Is the Concept of Standing Desk?

Generally speaking, standing desk or stand-up desk is exactly what the name says – a desk where you can work while standing comfortably. The new models are more modern in terms of design. You can adjust it in sitting height from standing, whenever you feel uncomfortable. This feature can give you a helping hand when you can neither stand nor sit for too long.

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Advantages of Using Standing Desks

  • Reduced Back Pain

Many companies have their employees working from home. Such long period of continuous working sitting at one place can not only cause discomfort but also put a serious impact on your health. Back and neck pain is a common problem that long-term sitting at a desk brings. Your body posture is often distorted and it is highly responsible for putting a lot of stress on your spine.

  • Less Chances of Obesity or Gaining Weight

While exercising is necessary for weight-loss standing may also help you somewhat when doing other works. Obesity is mainly due to accumulating more calories, so following this concept it easy to decide what is more beneficial for not gaining extra weight. You can burn nearly 1000 calories more every week just by standing and working at your desk in the afternoon.

  • Lowering of Blood Sugar Level

It is obvious to see a rise in blood sugar level after meal. Higher level of blood sugar level can make you vulnerable to diabetes. A study in 2013 showed that office workers standing for a period of time after lunch reduces the sudden increase in blood sugar level. It can help people with diabetes (especially Type 2 diabetes) in managing their blood sugar level.

  • Keeping Away from Heart Diseases

Sedentary lifestyle is a proven factor in most cases of cardiovascular diseases and deaths. Many studies have shown active lifestyle reduces the risk of heart diseases. Thus, you can say that standing while working is a better option than being always seated.

  • Increased Energy and Productivity

Standing and working can give you a lot of leeway in this matter. Productivity is high when your mind is fresh and less stressed.


You would find that standing desks don’t have these limited benefits; they are part of a bigger lifestyle change. For better mind and body, you should slowly adapt to adjustable standing desks.